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Iv-Infra, Iv-Offshore & Energy, Iv-Industrie, Iv-Consult, Iv-Water, Iv-Bouw, Escher and Nevesbu. Why so many different companies under one roof? Customer focus is our number one priority. Our highly specialised divisions speak the same language as their customers, know exactly what’s at stake within their specific market and understand the issues in question. With direct communication and few management layers, our divisions each have the feel of a small to medium-sized enterprise but offer the advantage of together forming a large professional organisation. This is how Iv is organised; a specialist for every market.

Annual report 2022 and DNR In the download below you will find our year at a glance
Annual report 2022

Read the DNR2005 and the DNR2011

Download here the balance statement and consolidated profit and loss account.